Until the Lion Learns to Write: Renee

I follow Bozoma Saint John on social media (if you don’t know who that is please go to Google RIGHT NOW) and today she shared a few videos with the headline: “Until the Lion Learns to Write, every story will glorify the hunter”.

This really resonated with me especially because of the space I am currently sitting in. I’ve had a book on the inside of me for probably my entire life. I’ve only recently recognized its existence or better yet only recently acknowledged its existence.

I’ve been wanting to start doing live interviews and podcasts…yet I sit here still struggling to find the words to say or…moreso fear my words may fall into the vaccum of the space we call social media. How do I stand out? Is what I have to say different enough? Am I “qualified” enough…those are the doubts that tend to drown out my actions.

In reality, if I don’t create, a piece of me dies. I have to write and talk and teach, it’s literally who I am. There’s a space for my voice somewhere and I will speak my truth. Not always boldly, sometimes awkwardly or with trembling but… I must speak…..

So with that said I have a new podcast airing this week called HER Speaks, which will be more of me..in different avenues and lanes but still me..because only I can and will speak for me.

Stay tuned!

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