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Working Women’s Network- Operation Evolve: Jessica

I believe in making sure your spaces (including cyber spaces) are places that inspire me and make me feel safe. Needless to say, I am always inspired but when I ran across Jessica and her work via the interwebs I was just so intrigued. She was out here making boss moves and changing lives.
Please meet Jessica!
Jessica you are a busy lady! Tell us a little bit about Operation Evolve, LLC. How did this idea develop?
Operation Evolve, LLC came to me out of a moment of frustration in my job as a car saleswoman in 2012. After completing my studies at Auburn University, I was certain I would move into a career in sports. After interviewing with an NFL team and not getting the job, my pride would not allow me to accept just anything. To pass time, I was hired at a car dealership in sales. I absolutely hated going to work every day. I felt as if my life was just passing me by. In a moment of despair, I cried out to God. I asked for my purpose to be revealed.
That is when Operation Evolve was put in my heart. I wanted to create an organization for girls and women who were like me. Girls and women who knew they were purposed for more. So, I started writing out ideas on a legal pad. I was so passionate about this vision, that I eventually quit. Without a plan or confidence in myself, I placed it on the back burner. The following year, I started an incredible career in experiential marketing. I managed some incredible marketing campaigns for clients such as Verizon, Samsung, and Microsoft. Even with my new career, I still thought about that vision from the car dealership.
My passion was sparked again when I won Miss Black Alabama USA 2014. That year, I had the opportunity to speak with over 4,000 students across the state of Alabama. My year of service ended and I had the opportunity to work as the State Director for the Miss Black Alabama US Ambassador Pageant in addition to my career in experiential marketing. I was having a great time learning how to manage a state organization, but while I was spending my resources and time building another brand, I knew I needed to step out on my own. In August 2016, I did just that!
I left the pageant organization and hosted my first event through Operation Evolve, Boss Babes Brunch. It was an amazing event and it made me realize that I was going in the right direction. I got really focused and went all in. Through Operation Evolve, LLC, I know have the Boss Babes Brunch Tour, Wear Your Crown 101, I’ve authored “Boss Up! Pursue Your Purpose With Confidence”, and work as an inspirational speaker for girls and women across the United States. I am so excited to continue to provide coaching in the areas of branding, empowerment, pageantry, and business development. By 2020, Operation Evolve, LLC, will have an international presence and will continue to serve girls and women.

Talk a bit about the projects that fall under the umbrella of your business: Boss Babes Brunch tour; your book, etc . How do you make time to do all of these varying things?

Boss Babes Brunch Tour is the premier networking and empowerment brunch for women in business. I was passionate about creating a networking event that allowed women of all backgrounds and professional levels to come together for an afternoon of Motivation, Mingling, and Mimosas. I was honestly tired of going into networking events and being looked down upon if people did not recognize the name of my company or know me. I believe that everyone has value and potential for success. The environment that Boss Babes Brunch Tour provides allows them to connect, learn, and collaborate so they can take their personal and professional goals to the next level.

“Boss Up! Pursue Your Purpose With Confidence” was birthed out of a 7-day challenge I presented to my email list in 2017. I knew I wanted to flesh it out a little more and change a few things. As it grew, I wanted to incorporate some things I wish I had known before I launched my brand. It provides 7 steps for individuals who need practical steps to walk into their purpose.

In addition to these two projects, I also have a pageant coaching division, Wear Your Crown 101 and I have worked as a Market Manager for the Nissan College 100 program. I am able to focus on multiple projects by focusing on time management.
I also understand that I am not able to do everything in one day. I focus on one thing at a time. I encourage myself and others to do one thing every day that will push you closer to your end goal.

How do you push past fear? What are some skills you use to fight the fear?

I push past fear because I have strong faith. I know that I have been called in this area of work. But, I understand that it is not always going to be easy or comfortable. I know that I have to just do it. I think sometimes we see a mountain in front of us and walk away from it because we have no idea how to climb it, so we give up. But, if I can make one step up the mountain, I can make two, two thousand, or however many I need to climb it. I also think about the women who will not be impacted by my lack of obedience to my calling. What I do has nothing to do with me, but the thousands and hopefully millions of people I am able to reach through my programs, books, and events. Screenshot_20180815-112545.jpg

What defines a “boss babe”, what makes you a “boss babe”?
A Boss Babe is a woman who knows her purpose and goes after it despite her circumstances. She is bold about her calling and does not allow anyone to deter her from goals. I am a Boss Babe because I have embraced that mindset. I trust God and I believe in myself. That makes me unstoppable!

I believe both students and teachers have a reciprocal relationship and can learn from each other. What is one thing you learned from someone you mentored?
I had the opportunity to create a program for Highland Gardens Elementary School and I had a group of 7, fourth and fifth graders. What they taught me was that I did not have to be perfect. They appreciated the fact that I was there when I said I would be there. I was consistent. It made me think about going into business. We want to have everything perfect, but the people who need our services or products just need for us to show up and be consistent. So, don’t overthink it.

What are your plans for yourself over the next three years?
I am not much of a planner. So, I do not have any concrete plans because those never really work out. However, I do plan on writing at least two more books, I will host another brunch tour in 2019. I would like to compete in another pageant. I also plan on getting my life coaching certification. And tons of traveling. But, I will make sure I stay in tune with God and go where I am being led.

How did you know you were operating in your gifting?
I know I am operating in my gifting because it comes naturally to me. Hosting events and all of the details that go into it are not my strong points. But, when I stand to address an audience, or speak with a group, or have time with a one-on-one client, it is so easy. I know I am making a difference. It is something I have always naturally done. Girls and women’s empowerment is something I would do regardless of my job title. I am very fortunate for the opportunity to incorporate in into my own business.

How can someone get in contact with you?
One can reach my via email, or on social media.
Instagram: @operationevolve @jessicacalexander @bossbabesbrunchtour
Facebook: Operation Evolve, Boss Babes Brunch Tour

What events do you have coming up?
2018 is dedicated to Boss Babes Brunch Tour. I will host a weekly event until my final event on November 17, 2018 in Jacksonville, Florida. I may host some local workshops in Montgomery, Alabama when I return in December.

I plan on attending her Boss Brunch in October! Please check her out and see if she is hosting a brunch near you. I know you won’t want to miss it!

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  1. This was a truly invigorating article. And the interview was amazing. I am a male but I feel the empowerment of strong enthnic women in our country rising. Congrats!!!


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