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Entrepreneur (ish) Part II- The Plan

As I stated in the last blog Part 1, BYSWO Fitness was relaunched this year and my husband and I have been working hard to get it off the ground. He has been training and working with his clients diligently and getting amazing results!

In fact, we just did a photo shoot with one of his first re-launch clients on Saturday. Sommer, lost over 60 pounds! SIXTY! I was so honored to join in celebrating her achievement, because this is about more than vanity, changing lifestyles can change lives!

The shoot was AMAZING. It was amazing for quite a few reasons.  I got to link up with my best friend/stylist who has been styling me for years. Dani Gee, has been toying with the idea of really diving into the fashion world and this would be her opportunity to shine. Also, I am behind the scenes of BYSWO daily, I run our website, I do client check-ins, I try to find various apps and technology that will not only make this business work, but really succeed. On any given week I am working about 15-20 hours on BYSWO endeavors.

This weekend was a chance to celebrate faith. Celebrate how good God is and how if HE gives the vision He will provide the provision.

Plans for the future of BYSWO Fitness include: boot camps, weight loss programs, live online trainings and..probably an empowerment piece by yours truly! Fitness is so much more than just your physical health and well-being. If any part of your self..the whole self (mind, body and spirit) is not in-tune then nothing will be successful. You will be too busy fighting yourself!

Here’s a few videos and pictures from this weekend.



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Thank you so much to all of the partners!

Photography by CMIMS Photography
Styling by DaniGee
Jumpsuit- Zipora’s Closet
Model/client- Sommer
Trained by LaDarren Fshosaynomo Smith for BYSWO Fitness 2.0
Make-up by Tasha D. At Blended Beautique

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