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Working Women’s Network -Veronica Murray with Naturally Well Wellness coaching 

This lovely lady gave us some words of wisdom when I first started this blog almost two years ago and now….she’s imparting wisdom in a whole new way. Fitness crazes come and go, but wellness…that’s a topic that often gets overlooked. So many people especially women, will attempted methods that might be unhealthy to get that desired “look”. As Veronica is about to share that way of thinking is bondage…but wellness is true freedom! 
Meet Veronica Murray with Naturally Well Wellness Coaching…


Wellness is a gift, our support system endorsing the fact that we are all 100% well-beings. 

Describe a defining moment that brought you to focus on health and wellness, especially your own? 

When I was diagnosed as having gallstones (a little over 10 years ago). This is when I realized that even nurses get sick, more specifically me (lol). However, being a “patient” taking a cupful of medications every day just was not in my plans. This is where the  “self-care being priority” was birthed, though it took several years for it to mature.  

How do you define “wellness”? 

Wellness is a gift, our support system endorsing the fact that we are all 100% well-beings. Wellness is not something we need to “learn to do” or “get” but instead a system we are born with, our energy should be geared to working with our wellness versus interfering with it. 

What is/was your inspiration for Naturally Well Wellness coaching?  

Working in the healthcare setting as a nurse for years is what actually stoked my desire to play a vital role in supporting others’ well-being. But it was the ever-increasing rise of drug prescriptions and sicknesses that led to the revelation “There has to be something better”. I found that something by connecting with nature via studies in Organic Psychology (Applied Ecopsychology) and focusing more on “wellness” and “well-being” as the ultimate method of preventative health care. The more I connected with nature (spiritually, mentally, and physically) the more it became crystal clear we are “naturally well”. So after becoming a certified Wellness Coach, I decided to take it a step further and establish NaturallyWell Wellness Coaching as a platform to provide resources (wellness coaching sessions, certified wellness courses, and links to wellness educational resources) to individuals desiring to live well- optimally, organically and naturally. 

What has been your proudest moment in coaching?

 Every time a client or student gets that a-ha moment that they are naturally well and they assume their natural position of being in control of their life. Love it, love it, love it. 

How do you stay motivated to stay on track? 

It used to be extrinsic (i.e. my children, my job, my family, etc.); but now it’s my love for me. One could say I practice what I preach. But I like to look at it as I believe it so much it simply spills out everywhere. I have a great desire to enjoy each day, each moment to the fullest with no regrets. I make it my business to start my day sitting outside and admiring God’s glory as presented through the trees, the sky, bird, etc. Then I think of how I am a part of this beautiful plan, this plan of God’s glory. I am His inspiration, this is why He blessed me with wellness. This is why He made me well. I do not want to waste one drop. This is my motivation. It makes me smile just to write it. I know you asked me my definition of “wellness” earlier, and this is it. This is what life is about. I believe when we connect with our well-being, who we are designed to be, on this level is the driving force, the motivation to do whatever we desire to do. Receiving God’s love for me and being a conduit of His glory is my motivation.  

Do you think wellness is spiritual?


If so how? 

As a follower of Christ, I believe wholeheartedly we are made in the very image of God, who is Spirit. I receive His declaration, “It is good” after forming human beings the same as Him saying “It is well.” As a well-being (being or living well), it is all-encompassing. Mind, body, and spirit interlock and work in unison. This is why when someone contacts me about weight loss, financial wellness, time management resolutions, relationship building, stress management, etc., I also focus on the guiding from a holistic perspective. Wellness coaches are taught this, however, I share with my clients and students how to do this using the wisdom of God found in nature (Job 12:7-10). 

(Motivation) used to be extrinsic (i.e. my children, my job, my family, etc.); but now it’s my love for me

How can someone get in contact with you?

 I can be contacted by phone (305) 707-7191via social media: 

Facebook- @naturallywellcoach,

Instagram- @naturalmegal, and 

my website- www.naturallywellcoach.com

Email address- naturallywellcoach@gmail.com

Are your services available locally only or do you have a way to provide coaching via online or through phone conferencing?

 Both, most are done via phone conference and web conference. Anyone interested in learning more about how partnering with a Wellness Coach (or specifically me) to help them reach and sustain their goals can contact me to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. Coaching sessions are offered as 3, 6, 12-month plans or specialty programs (i.e. Weight loss/ Weight management program, Stress reduction programs, Relationship building programs, etc.). I also conduct/ facilitate Wellness Workshops for the corporate setting. 

Did you learn anything interesting? I know I did! Wellness looks at all aspects of your life. It is connecting to God and honing in on His desires for you. As women we sometimes for guilty for resting or finding time to take care of ourselves. This mindset keeps us sick and most importantly keeps us from hearing from God. Sitting in nature helps us stop and reconnect to Who and to what is important. Invest in yourself…check Veronica out and see how she might be able to assist.

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