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Working Women’s Network – Nisia Skyy

I purposely join organizations that uplift and encourage women…and that’s where I “met” Nisia Skyy. She posted in our See Jane Write group that her first book would be arriving soon. 

I was genuinely excited. Not because I knew her personally but because of a kindred spirit I think we as women have. That head nod of acknowledgement that to pursue a passion and have it come to fruition had to take dedication, sleepless nights and a whole lotta focus.

So please let me introduce Nisia Skyy…

Tell us a little about yourself and what lead to you here…beina published author.

Like most mothers, I wear many hats. I am a wife, mother, blogger, attorney and now a published author. As you can see I do lot. But I love what I do. I have been writing since I was about six years old. I would be lying to say that I have always wanted to be an author. Writing for me was a hobby. It was a passion. It was my and still is my therapy. The road to becoming a published author has become a dream realized, that I didn’t know was a dream. My debut novel, After the Storm, reignited my love and passion for writing.

How do you stay inspired?

My girls are my inspiration for everything I do. As cliché as that may sound, they are what keeps me going. That is probably why I am all over the place sometimes, because I am trying to make sure that they are proud of me. I am convinced that my dreams would still be dreams, if I had not gotten pregnant with these beautiful girls of mine. They are the light of my world.

Are your roles as a wife, mother and author intertwined or are they very distinct from one another? 

My roles as a wife, mother and author are ALL intertwined. My husband and girls make for great writing material! Lol! I usually can draw from my experiences and craft a story.

I know you have a blog, how did you go from blogger to writing longer passages?

Yes, I have blog called “The Write Stuff at the Right Time”. I actually started out writing longer passages before I started my blog. Writing is second nature for me. From a young age I have been writing. I started keeping a journal at about six years of age. If I wasn’t journaling, then I was writing a poem or working on a short story. There was always something to write about.

Writing is a form of therapy for me. My blog was written as a way to heal from the infertility issues I was facing at the time. I view my blogging as a public diary. My readers literally are given a front row seat to my world. 

How can someone purchase your book and do you have any plans to write more?

For those who are interested in purchasing my book may do so through my publisher’s website:

I absolutely will be writing more books! Currently I am writing the sequel to my debut novel, After the Storm. The sequel, which is currently untitled, will be released either in the second or third quarter of next year. I am also planning on releasing the first book of my children’s book series, which will be based off of my daughters

If your life were a novel…what would the title be and why?

#TeamTooMuch, would be the title of my book. At this point of my life I am doing a lot! I have no idea of how it is getting done, but it is getting done. Lol! If you were to talk to me on given day, I can be breastfeeding, filing a copyright registration or writing on my blog.

Is this book dedicated to anyone in particular?

My book, After the Storm, is dedicated to my daughters. Having kids has a way kicking things into high gear for you! Lol!

As a mother what is a legacy that you want to leave for your children?

I love this question. I want my girls to be proud of me. It is my hope that I leave a legacy of one that they are proud of and one that they will be able to pass down to their own children. That my girls understand that the reason I stayed home with them was not only to raise them, but show how to still be a mom, a wife and still have an amazing career. I also want to leave behind that it is okay to have dreams, but to make those dreams a reality.

Tell us about your writing style and how did you develop it?

I have always had a conversationalist style of writing. It is a style of writing that I developed over the years. Matter of fact, when I journal I write as if I am writing a letter to someone. So, if you read my blogs or books, you will notice that I write as I am having a conversation with you. 

Please support Nisia in her dream chasing. Purchase her new book and be on the lookout for her sequel!!

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