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...if God placed a dream in me, I know IT. IS. ACHIEVABLE

This feature is the first one that actually gets to showcase a married couple. I am so excited to be on the ground floor of Black Tie Magazine, their first issue debuted June 2016.

Please meet Chris Ball and Jasmine York Ball of Black Tie Magazine


Congratulations on your debut of Black Tie Magazine! What was the process like for you and what  inspired the name?

Thank you and I’m glad you asked! Since I’ve been in the publications/magazine industry for a few years, I was familiar with the editorial/development process. Getting the design just how we imagined and finding the right printer, however were our biggest challenges!  The name BlackTie was inspired from the thought that our publication would highlight the successes of our culture in an upscale manner. It’s also a pun on our hopes to “tie” us together as a community.

You have the opportunity to walk in this dream with your husband. How has this strengthened you as a couple and as individuals?

Although in August we’ll be celebrating our sixth anniversary, we are newlyweds (Got married in August 2015). So with that being said, I think partnering together in this project is helping us grow stronger as a team, not only on a business side, but it’s also showing up in the way we communicate to each other on a personal level too.


What is your vision for Black Tie?

We’re focusing on building our name here locally and establishing BlackTie as the go-to resource for local lifestyle content relevant to the African-American community as well as a resource to be learn the local faces behind several small businesses in the area owned by minorities. Eventually, we plan to broaden this publication to other regions. We’ve already been getting a few inquiries from outside the state.

BlackTie Magazine is Alabama’s premiere resource for African-Americans aiming to promote black-owned businesses and bridge the gap within the community, by helping us all get connected, get inspired, and get involved!

Is this your first step in the entrepreneurial world?

Not quite. I’ve been freelance writing and editing since college. Chris has done sales and independent contract work as well.

Being a woman and being young can bring about both opportunities and unique obstacles in business. How do you overcome the obstacles and how did you utilize the opportunities?

I think it’s important to surround yourself with like minds and positivity, continually working on personal development, and stay focused on why you’re doing it. That and believing in yourself and having faith helps me overcome obstacles. AND knowing when/not being afraid to ask for help.

Are you a person of faith? How has that guided your life and business?

Yes, I am. I believe you have to follow what God has placed in your heart to do because that is your reasonable service; and if God placed a dream in me, I know IT. IS. ACHIEVABLE.

What advice do you follow?

I’m big on what you believe you can achieve as well as speaking life.

How can someone order Black Tie?

Online at www.TheBlackTieMagazine.com

Any upcoming projects?

We are currently working on the launch of our 2nd issue

Please support their venture, how awesome is it that they decided to step in and fulfill a need in their community. That’s the important part of Women of Wisdom and Working Women’s Network, showing you that your ideas and passions are needed in our world. Your unique platform could potential change someone’s life. Don’t worry about IF you are making a difference,  know that by stepping out you are making one.

Until next time…chase your dreams until you catch them.

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