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Maya Angelou said “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” With that being said, I am always excited to see former interviewees not just meeting goals, but smashing them. You may remember my interview with Jasmine York-Ball from my 2016 interview, if not Black Tie Interview (click the link). Then Black Tie was really just beginning and just the first issue was the manifestation of Jasmine and her husband, Chris. Now, two years later BlackTie has grown and Mrs. York Ball is on her Bozoma St. John-ish (and you know how much I love her!). Please let me re-introduce Jasmine…

Mrs. Jasmine York-Ball

You recently quit your corporate job and have fully immersed yourself into the entrepreneurial world. Congratulations! How did you know you were ready?

It was never the plan to stay in corporate for long. I knew upon starting my intentions were to get what I needed to get and move on to bigger and better. I saw the experience as me “getting my masters in marketing”. I learned so much over the years writing on the marketing team of a management group.

I was the youngest one there and learned a lot from my coworkers, vendors, and training programs, etc. I got two certifications while there and got to expand my writing skills by writing TV and radio commercials for large companies in addition to writing their direct mail campaigns, email marketing, social media, and creating content their websites, etc. I created content every day, sometimes multiple times a day, so I left with an abundance of clips for my portfolio.
Putting in my resignation letter was both the hardest and the easiest thing I could’ve done for myself. It was something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, so I’ve been praying about it, having faith, and doing the work. After a while, everything just fell into place. It was the best feeling and day ever. I felt so free and like a weight was lifted.


Talk about how the magazine has grown and what you’ve learned since launching in 2016.

The magazine has grown a lot faster than I could have ever imagined. Granted – with growth comes a lot of work. I’ve struggled sometimes with keeping up, so I’ve had to expand my team to keep things going smoothly. Now we have a personal assistant, virtual assistant, graphic designer, a team of writers, and more. I’m always looking for more team members: interns, associate publishers, and writers, etc.

We started hosting in-person events between each issue called Cake, Music, and Conversations. These events are free, family-friendly, and open to the public, where we bring the stories that were published in the latest issue of the magazine to life with an expert panel… and we go DEEP. I love hosting these because it’s such a night filled with positive vibes. We say the events are from 6 to 8 pm, but sometimes people stay until 10 because it’s just that type of vibe. So good.
I’m so grateful that God has blessed me with the idea to launch such a community-based platform like this for African Americans, where we can come together to get informed, get inspired, and get involved. I’ve met so many amazing influencers and people of color doing big and inspiring things. Black Tie Magazine – Montgomery is my passion project. I feel so grateful for all the people God is allowing me to bless through this business. I feel like I’m learning and growing more and more each day.

Back in 2016, you talked about expanding into other regions, how has that gone for you?What are some new goals?

Because the content is so universal and relevant to all African Americans, we now have subscribers in other regions and other states like TX, CA, GA, MD, NJ, etc. We are always in the market to launch a BlackTie Magazine – Birmingham or Biloxi for example, so if you’re interested in making some extra money as an Associate Publisher to get BlackTie in your city, please contact us at info@theblacktiemagazine.com to inquire about franchise opportunities.


As a subscriber to the magazine, I have thoroughly enjoyed your content. How do you get ready for each edition?

We host live events, so we really listen to what the people want, crave, and need. Our mission is to include lifestyle pieces that we as a people can benefit from, so we can move forward as a community. We’re all about unity and community. You know “each one, teach one”.


Now let’s talk about content marketing and how you’ve been helping other businesses succeed.

I’ve been freelance writing and editing since college (so for about 7 or 8 years). However, through networking and meeting fellow business owners via the magazine, I learned that some entrepreneurs were getting stuck on creating content for their business. That’s why I started offering more writing services to apply what I learned and did for others in corporate America to help more solo entrepreneurs and small businesses owners attract their ideal clients and grow their business.

As a certified Content Marketing Strategist, I helped a company generate over 7 million in revenue in one year through writing strategies. I absolutely love copywriting, and I believe in it because it works! It’s a major part of what helped me to leave corporate America to work my business full-time.
However, even though I love writing and have the hang of it, I know the same is not true for every entrepreneur. I know for some, it can feel overwhelming and like a lot, especially if you’re not sure what you need to be doing, why you need to do it, how to sound professional, how to leverage it to create freedom in your business, or what you need to write to get people to convert or sell your stuff. I walk my clients through what I call a 7-step sales copy system so they can get set up for success. I would love to offer your readers a free Content Check-Up to see if they’re on the right track with the content they’re putting out for their business at www.jasmineyorkball.com/workwithme.


What are your goals for both businesses over the next two years?

My goal with the magazine is to continue to expand my team. I’m looking for associate publishers and always looking for excellent interns or writers.

As a Content Marketing Strategist, my goal is to help educate over 1 million aspiring and busy entrepreneurs on the VALUE of content marketing, how it’s truly an asset to their business, and how the right words mixed with the right strategies can be a forreal game changer!


Why is working for yourself important to you?

Working for myself is important because I appreciate the flexibility and privilege that comes with being able to work from home and have a laptop lifestyle. While my husband and I don’t have kids (yet), it is one of my dreams to be a work-from-home mom and be able to earn a living from home so I could be more present in their lives.
I’m not afraid of hard work, but for years I was burnt out while at my full-time and trying to work my business afterward. I knew if we were to start a family, something would have to give (and it wasn’t going to be my business). I used that as motivation that I had to “figure this thing out” with urgency. I had faith and knew God didn’t place these desires in my heart for no reason. The Bible says He has plans to prosper and not harm us, to give us hope and a future.


Your website is gorgeous! Did you design it yourself? When someone visits the site what impression do you want them to leave with?

Screenshot of the website…gorgeous right???

Thank you! Yes, I designed it myself, and I help my clients set theirs up too haha. My intentions for the site were to help people get to know the face and heart behind the writing and content marketing services they’ll receive. As you’ll see, I offer content marketing solutions for busy entrepreneurs whether they want to D.I.Y or get it done for them.


How can people contact you?

People can stay connected with me on social media. I love growing my network and meeting new friends.

FB: Jasmine York Ball
IG: @jasminethewriter
TW: @jasminthewriter
If you are in need of writing services, support, or ready to get a Content Check-Up, you may apply at www.jasmineyorkball.com/workwithme.

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