Women of Wisdom-Trishunda

She’s an actress, a fashion designer, leader, teacher, but most importantly she is a woman with a humble and willing spirit. I have always admired her ability to really be transparent and open. People who are drawn to the arts are usually very giving of themselves; otherwise their craft suffers. I am so glad she took the time out to answer a few of my questions. Please meet- Trishunda

 Trishunda Mooney

How do you differentiate between your desires and what you feel God is calling you to?

At this point, I feel that my desires and what God is calling me to do is all in the same. My desires are to know God’s plan for me, a vision, and the wisdom and understanding to accept what He has already finished for me. My experience is that He will give me a vision or a dream and understanding of His promises and then add everything spiritually and earthly to accomplish it all.

 How do you encourage yourself?

I am encouraged daily by remembering or reading new promises of God. His promises assures me that there is more life to live regardless of what I see, hear or feel at the time. I stand on His promises, so I tell myself…God has promised it and He doesn’t take back promises so now, GO GET IT!!!

 What was a pivotal moment in your life, something that really motivated you to follow your calling?

I can’t say that it was a pivotal moment because every day seems brand new to me and every morning it’s like waking up to a fresh start.

Who are some people that inspire you and why?

I am inspired by people who passionately live on a daily basis. These people are rare at this point because we are driven by money. But when you run into that person that is serving in an area that they have been called, then those individuals are both inspiring and memorable.

What’s one piece of advice that you find valuable?

My mom would say, “People will only do to you what you allow them to do”

What do you hope your legacy will be?

That I was a walking billboard for God. When you see a billboard while driving that catches your attention it is usually something catchy or flashy, colorful and well decorated, sits high and stands alone because the advertiser wants everyone who see that billboard to know about their business/product. I am God’s business/product.

Any additional words of wisdom you would like to share?

I challenge anyone reading this to ask God our Father to allow you to experience and truly understand what Jesus meant when He said on the cross, “it is finished.” It will indeed change the way you approach and look at life.


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