So, I have been quite busy and for that, I am sorry. It’s just been a hectic time in my life. I have finally done my budget (which I have talked about for about a lifetime and a half).

I’ve looked at how much I spend each month;  I actually do that every month, but I’ve literally never gone the step further of limiting my purchases to a certain dollar amount. I have started going grocery shopping once a week (which I used to shop every two weeks) because I believe it helps me with my overall grocery spending.

I just started this month so I will reevaluate on the 1st of next month. I also thought if I went once a week it would encourage me to eat fresher and healthier foods. I’ve been altering my cooking style this year to help my husband with his bodybuilding goal and that has increased our grocery bill..and my sister staying with us has also increased that bill a tad bit too.

So…so far it’s been a sacrifice because I genuinely hate grocery shopping, but from glancing over my statement I think I’ve spent a few hundred dollars less.

I have also put down every piece of debt I have (student loans,credit cards..yes more than one sigh, and car notes) and given myself a variety of time sensitive goals to reach. My debt wasn’t as bad as I thought and now with a plan in hand I pray I stay focused and can make some real damage on some of these balances.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is peace..and financial peace is a huge component of that.

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