Women of Wisdom- Mahogany

I met Mahogany my first year of graduate school. She exuded confidence and grace. You could tell she was extremely intelligent and had a good heart. She always had some of the best answers in the class and people would gather a few minutes after class and engage in lively discussions. She was someone that I knew from her drive and determination that she would be successful.

Please meet Mahogany…

me on grad day

  1. Do you believe in a “calling” or a purpose on someone’s life? How did you find your purpose?

Yes I do believe in a calling and purpose. Finding the purpose I’m not sure about because I feel like I’m still in the process of finding mine. I think it starts with realizing what you’re good at and what makes you happy… at the same time sometimes our calling isn’t just what makes us happy but it’s the thing that drives us, keeps us up at night, and makes us go the extra mile because we don’t trust anyone else with the responsibility of the task.

  1.  Do you think it is necessary to have mentor your life in order to be successful? If you have had a mentor what is something they have taught you?

At this point in time I do not have a mentor and I can’t recall just one in particular. I have had many influencers in my life throughout the years though. I do think that mentors are important and they are necessary. I used to work at Big Brothers Big Sisters on and off for about 6 years and I have seen the power of a mentor/mentee relationship.

  1. What has prepared you for this journey, formal education or experience, or has it been a combination?

I believe that for everything that happens to us in life there is a reason behind it. I believe that everything in my life that has happened up until this very moment has prepared me for this very moment I am in. Without the experiences I have had in life I wouldn’t be the person I am right now. It is definitely a combination of both.

  1. Does working in your current field help you pursue what you are passionate about?

Working in my current field allows me a lot of freedom to do what I want to do. (School, side hustles)

  1. Has your life turned out like you planned it?

LOL. Not even a little. I thought that by 25 I would be married, by 30 have 3 children… Those are the only things I have ever wanted… FAMILY and yet here I am. I try not to dwell on it though because I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be in my life. I still have hope though smile emoticon

  1. What do you think the next step on your journey will look like?

Hopefully it involves a family very, very soon.

  1. What do you want your legacy to be?

I want the world to be better because I was here. I want my children to be my legacy.

  1. If money, fear or obstacles were not an issue what is something you would do and why? I would like to live abroad again. I would like to live abroad in a secluded area with no news, technology, currency… for at least a year.


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