Taking Care of Self

So…I’ve taken a bit of a break from blogging, not too long, but just enough to clear my head. Unfortunately, during the break I have not been reading like I said I would. So that means I do not have the update on the book Start with Why  like I said I would.

Being a working mom and wife I realize that I tend to put other people’s needs before mine. In the grand scheme of things that sounds so noble, but in all honesty it’s probably the most selfish thing I’ve been doing. If I am running around putting out fires and never resting I am not giving the best to my family. I’m probably cranky. I’m probably zoned out.

So I’ve made the decision to do one thing for myself a day. It could be letting the kids stay with their dad for an extra 20 minutes when I first get home to recharge. It could be not feeling guilty for ordering food instead of cooking when I’ve had a long day. Just small things that will hopefully keep my sanity and help me be a better wife and mom.


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