Sunshine on a Cloudy Day


Fall kicked off with rain, rain….and did I say rain? The gloomy weather really does affect my mood. But I’ve been staying focused and have been gathering a ton of resources for me to really start sinking my teeth in.

See the thing is, you don’t know, what you don’t know and honestly college can only teach so much.  I wish someone would have really emphasized to me that the real work started after you walk across the stage. That your place of employment should be a source but not the source for how you get money.

I was very idealistic when I graduated.  I had a ton of experience AND a degree I knew I’d soon write my own ticket.  While I’ve enjoyed every job I’ve had, I’ve not made monetarily what I could have made in the corporate world. And for years I was perfectly fine with that. I’ve always said I’ll take a pay cut in order to love what I do. And I still mean that, but it also means mamma has to get creative.  I have a family, I have family goals that supersedes my wanting to just have a feel good job.

I want to travel with my boys expose them to things I’ve only read about.  They are curious about everything and I want to keep that fire lit.

With that being said, I’m welcoming the rain. It’s a chance for me to begin my planning, to begin to plant seeds. In due time,  I will harvest.

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