The Power of Your Words

I was chatting with my mentor the other day and she again told me to focus on my writing.  She told me to check out Maya Angelou’s master class. I watched it a few years back, but for some reason now it really resonated with me. The most powerful part to me was Dr. Angelou’s take on the power of words and the power of empowering people. She stated that she believed that words are things and they stay on the walls and clothes and eventually inside of the individual. The Bible also  talks about life and death being in the tongue (proverbs 18:21), but I’m unsure I took that and really read with understanding.

You see I’m one of those people who doesn’t like awkward pauses (maybe it’s not that awkward and I just think that it is) and I tend to fill that space up with words. Now I’m rethinking that self-taught strategy and learning to be ok with the silence.

See when I was an insecure teen I would think silence meant judgment and I really wanted people to see me a certain way. So I would use my words to deflect and not necessarily use them for true communication.

So…I started silencing myself more, writing more, reflecting more. I’ve been inspired by Maya Angelou.  I want to really add something great and positive to this world.

So I started the one word challenge.  Pick a word that describes where you want to be or how you want to see yourself.

Here’s mine


I didn’t feel unstoppable when I wrote the word indomitable,  but man I did feel a jolt when I wrote it. And then I remembered all the things I pushed through and how this was a pretty accurate word choice.  What’s even more exciting, others joined me and picked their own word to focus on.

keep pushing!

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