HER-What We Are about

I am just a woman with a vision to help people; specifically women cultivate their unique and wonderful giftings. I have wanted to create a space for women to be encouraged, empowered, and educated for quite some time. I grew up with very few meaningful relationships with other women. In fact, I had the view that women were not able to be supportive or positive.

It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I really began to seek out healthy female friendships…and I was blown away. I started HIS (Heavenly Inspired Sisters) and that one Bible study literally turned into life-long friendships. We’ve supported each other through death, birth of babies, weddings, break ups, miscarriages….just life. These women taught me the value of what a sisterhood is and it saddened me to think that had I not founded that group that I would not have experienced this life altering experience.

This is where HER comes into place. HER is where you can ask questions, read about other people’s experience and just learn how to be the best you. The “you” that you journal about. The “you” that you dream about. HER…is where you can rise to the calling on your life…


If you want to see my full journey to this point please check out my blog with those lovely women here: radical7even.

3 thoughts on “HER-What We Are about

  1. I met her and after talking a bit with her decided to read the Post she wrote. Amazingly inspiring, and this is coming from a man. I wish I was able to be this honest and open about my true feelings. Thank you for sharing.


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