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Hello Loves :)

I’m back!!! I took 30 days off of social media in June and this month was finals and what not. I just needed some time away. Some time to reflect. Now that school is on break I wanted to talk about starting over.

I’ve been in a somewhat anxious state as of late. Working, going to school and having three, sometimes four kids at home, can be hectic. When times are hectic my self-care goes out the window. I stay up late…i snack…i yell and then I fell guilty for yelling. See a pattern. One thing leads to another leads to another and then I’m so out of sorts I’m not sure where to start. One thing I’m learning in therapy is bite-size life. Stop looking at the big picture and look at what you can do in the here and now. Stop. Breathe…..believe….believe in your God given ability to get it done. Believe that you don’t have to do this alone. Beleive that those closest to you won’t judge you for washing the same load of clothes three times because you keep forgetting to get them out and put them in the dryer. Or is that just me? Don’t be afraid to start over. Sometimes it may be minute by minute. Other times you may go weeks without hitting a snag..but irregardless (they made this a word now….kinda weird. How do you feel about it?🤔) You get to write or rewrite your story as many times as God gives you breath.

Breathe deep….

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