Freedom from Anxiety:Mommy-ing is my superpoweršŸ¤©

One of my besties just gave birth to her first little bundle of joy! The baby is absolutely precious šŸ˜šŸ˜

Seeing new mommies is always a treat and a great time for me to reminisce on what it was like when I was a first-time mom. I remember that feeling of just…how do people do this? lol Like how do you live your life everyday while simultaneously caring for a brand new being that is utterly dependent on you?

The thoughts can smother you if you’re not careful. So I’d like to start the series of Freedom- Battling Anxiety with a few things that helped/help me keep my sanity as a mother.

1. No one really knows what they’re doing. Yes, that’s right the expert with 567 degrees and no children. The mother that has the perfect angel of a child or that mother that somehow attends every bake sale (making only the best organic snacks)… not one of them truly know what they’re doing. and if they do…it doesn’t mean they would know what to do for your child. As a mother of multiple children, I can attest that what motivates one of my children doesn’t even cause an eye to bat for another. You can have one child who eats their veggies and one child who you literally have to threaten life and limb for them to lick a fork that even touched a broccoli stem….all in the same house. So be kind to yourself. Pray alot and don’t live and die by “experts”.

2.-5. ASK FOR HELLLLP!!!! Yes, you read that correctly….point two through five….ask for help. Refer back to number one. No one is an expert. And mothers especially new moms need help and support. Help may look different for each mom. Some need the verbal affirmation. Some need the practical help of changing a diaper or bringing a meal. Ask for the help you want. If someone is offering something that is making you feel a certain way politely nudge them in the direction of what you truly need. If you would rather they wash clothes while you stare at your sleeping child…say so. Don’t try to allow them to dictate how you should spend your time.

6. Love on yourself. There will be times when you forget something or do something..that will make you feel like a subpar mom. Apologize often. To yourself and your babies. I tell my kids all the time. Mommy is human and I do my best, but sometimes like you I make mistakes. Please forgive me. This stops my kids from being afraid of telling me that they’ve made a mistake and hopefully teaches them empathy.

What are some ways you deal with the mommy anxieties?

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