Working Women’s Network- Cheezin

Y’all know WWN is my absolute favorite part of this blog, right? I am especially excited to highlight this business because it’s a wife and husband team (and not so secret I loooooove good food).

This is my actual meal 🤗🤗

Backstory-I braved the cold one day I this past December to get some of their yummy food, in fact, I passed up free food offered by my job to try some. Qhen I got to the truck I immediately felt warmth, not just from all the tasty smells, but also from Samuel’s inviting demeanor. That’s how I found out about this amazing couple. And their food was delish!

Without further ado please meet Crystal (and her husband Samuel).

Tell the history of how you got into this industry; is this your first business?

My husband Samuel is an Alabama State University Business School Graduate who’s always had an appetite for entrepreneurship. Since high school my husband has started several businesses. Since my husband had a career in the military at the time, I wanted to focus on a business venture that met my food desire and had the capability to be mobile. So we decided a food truck would best meet that need.

Let’s talk a little bit about your background. Where does the inspiration for the delicious food come from?

• I’m (Crystal) inspired by the thrill of creating food that people enjoy and my husband is motivated by building a successful business in Birmingham.

Who came up with the name Cheezin? And what do you hope your customers get from your name and food?

•The name was collaboration between my husband Samuel, me (Crystal) and my sister Candice while living in Wisconsin (land of cheese). It’s simple, we want our food to put a smile on people’s face (hence the name) while identifying what our business is (A Grilled Cheese Truck).

Being married and co-business owners can be tricky, what has allowed you the peace to work together in business and life? What advice do you pull from that my apply to the success in both areas?

•It’s definitely tricky working together but we work off each other’s strengths and we understand that communication is the key.

What is the overall goal for your business? Do you see a brick and mortar business in the future or do you enjoy the aspect of bringing your business directly to your customers?

• We like to keep all options open whether it’s a brick and mortar or multiple trucks. It’s a pleasure to be able to bring Cheezin directly to our customers. It helps bring brand recognition to our business.

What are some things you’ve learned along the way that have kept you going when times are hard?

•We try to be optimistic and lean on one another because we understand challenges can lead to success.

Tell me about some of your accomplishments and accolades.

• We are three time winners of the Montgomery Food Truck Mash-up and USA Today 10best.com named Cheezin Best Grilled Cheese in the State of Alabama

How can someone find out where you are located?

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2 thoughts on “Working Women’s Network- Cheezin

  1. I enjoyed this. First, because they’re married and then because they’re black. This was so refreshing to read and that food does look good😩


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