Black Girl Baking:Self-Care Through baking

4 years ago, January 7th 2015, my husband started BYSWO Fitness…I know this date well because it’s my Second born’s birthday. That’s right if you haven’t heard my podcast with my Hubby Byswo started while he was on paternity leave. Since starting this journey we’ve been more intentional about what we put in our bodies and how we prepare those foods.

I’ve noticed when I eat fast food often I feel sluggish and don’t enjoy it as much as I did before introducing more whole foods in my diet.

I’m always looking for great and new ideas. So when I heard Jerrell Guy on the Alex Elle Podcast, talking about baking with a vegan flair I was intrigued. I actually asked for the baking book as a birthday gift annnnnnnd my Bestie Dani got it for me.

My goal is to start off slow, maybe one recipe a month, and build from there. Cooking/baking has become a great source of self-care so I can’t wait to get started.

What are some ways you’ll focus on your self-care?

2 thoughts on “Black Girl Baking:Self-Care Through baking

  1. I have been keeping my therapist appointments and you have to let me know how this goes! I’m not vegan friendly or at least my pallet isnt,lol.


    1. It has literally taken me three years to alter my pallet. I was almost a total carnivore lol So proud of you for keeping your therapy appointments! it’s a blessing to our families for us to be in good spirits


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