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Working Women’s Network- Dixie’s Cafe Dixie & Mandy

When I think of the word resilient, I automatically think of Mandy and Dixie. This family has such a story to tell and I’m honored to be able to tell it.

My mother and Dixie met when I was a really small child and Mandy (Dixie’s daughter) and I became great friends…. One time, I even tried to do Mandy’s hair lol it was a mess…I didnt know that she didn’t need any hair grease…I mean I was 4 years old.

Being military, my family eventually moved away and we lost touch, but thank God for social media! We reconnected and I’ve been able to watch Mandy’s children grow from afar, as she has mine. It’s been amazing, but what’s been more amazing is how this mother and daughter team opened up a family diner.

Without futher ado please meet Dixie and Mandy from Dixie’s Cafe…

Let’s talk a bit about your origin story, how did a family living in Tucson, Arizona make their way to Oklahoma and open up a family diner?
We are originally from Arizona, my husband passed away from an accident in May 2012 and my brother passed away just 10 months later from Cystic Fibrosis in March 2013. We went to Oklahoma to visit my mom’s twin brother and try and decide what we were going to do next after such great loss. A few weeks after being there my Uncle found a building for rent in Coweta, OK and we decided to open the cafe. My mom had owned a restaurant in Tucson, AZ for 17 years, so that is kind of our forte.
What do you feel God has been teaching you through your service at the diner?
We have been given the opportunity to share how important it is to “make memories around the meal table”. That has become our purpose, because we know first hand how short life can be. We are never promised tomorrow, that is why it is so important to make time. We also get to help spread awareness for Cystic Fibrosis by helping other families who are afflicted by the horrible illness. We do this by raising money through “Brandon’s Hope”. Our guests make donations and also some of the sales from some of the menu items go to the fund. We gift $500 to a CF Warrior, this allows them to pick something they have been wanting and we buy it for them. It brings a smile to their face, even if just for that day since they endure so much pain and suffering.
I see that you have recently moved! The space is gorgeous! What was it like moving from your first “home” into another space, how did you know it was time to move?
We have been truly blessed to be able to move just a block up the street. Our lease was up at our old location and we needed a slightly bigger space. Some friends of ours bought the building and planned to remodel it. They asked if we would like to move in, so of course we jumped at the opportunity. Moving is hectic for anyone. So I’m sure you can imagine what moving a restaurant is like….lol But we are truly enjoying our new space and look forward to seeing what the future holds.

What really makes Dixie’s Cafe, a welcoming experience is the openness that the entire family seems to exude. How do you keep your light shining so bright?
We just strive to keep the memories of our loved ones alive and we love when our guests ask about them. We love sharing their stories and favorite foods with everyone. And being able to bring a smile to other CF Warriors in Brandon’s honor makes it all worth it. We know he would be so honored and so proud.
There are several things I have always admired about your family. One thing that I have always admired is your transparency and willingness to talk about the hard times. Talk a bit about Brandon’s Hope and how someone might be able to support your efforts.

Brandon’s Hope was the name of the walk team we always had for the Cystic Fibrosis annual Great Strides walk. So we decided to keep that name and use it for the funds we receive to gift our CF Warriors in Brandon’s honor. We have been able to gift 18 CF Warriors in 5 years because of support from our guests at the Cafe. We are truly blessed with all of the support we receive. Anyone can donate to Brandon’s Hope by sending a check to the Cafe:

Dixie’s Cafe
111 N. Broadway
Coweta, OK 74429
And we are always looking for our next CF Warrior, so if you have CF or know anyone who has CF please contact us! We would love to chat with you!
I love how you actively honor the memories of your loved ones that have passed on. Can you talk about your process of seeking healing and any resources that you have used to cope?
God has been a huge part of our daily healing. Trying to continuously seek him and accept his will. Even on the hardest days, when we dont understand or agree with what is happening. Counseling has been another great avenue. Being able to share thoughts and feelings with someone, knowing they will not judge you is a big help. Being able to have a person who is looking in on your life and experiences from the outside and can help you understand things from a different perspective is very helpful. And again our guests at the Cafe help by allowing us to share our memories of Mudi and Brandon and genuinely being interested about them. It is very comforting.

What do you want to be your legacy and what steps are you taking to secure that legacy?
Our biggest goal is to bring families back to the meal table to talk about their days, play games, study the Bible, have a meal together, cry, laugh, and whatever else that can be done together at a table where memories can be made is what we want our legacy to be. Also, spreading awareness about Cystic Fibrosis through Brandon’s Hope to help find a cure someday. We want to prevent other families from having to know the pain we know of loosing a loved one to CF.
We also pride ourselves on customer service because it is so hard to find good service these days. We have been awarded the “best customer service” in Coweta for the last 3 years in a row. And were recently just awarded Business of the Year for 2018. The awards were voted on by our community and it is so comforting the popular consensus is everyone enjoys what we have to offer. It makes all the hard work worth it.
We truly appreciate everyone’s continued love and support!!
Dixie and Mandie

Aren’t they amazing!! If you’re in the area please stop by, and don’t forget to support Brandon’s Hope!

2 thoughts on “Working Women’s Network- Dixie’s Cafe Dixie & Mandy

  1. What a wonderful article. We LOVE Dixie and Mandy and met them through Dixie’s Café. I came in one day with my father who had early onset Alzheimer’s and noticed the menu options that supported CF. I’ve had several close friends with CF and it hit close to home. That day, I asked the lady in the diner more information about the pictures on the wall and the foundation for Brandon’s Hope. Dixie told me the story of her amazing and brave son Brandon. Dixie met my sweet Daddy that day and our kindred spirits united. The rest is history and Dixie, Mandy, their family, and the café family are considered some of our dearest friends.
    If we each take time to share a kind word and spread a little love, we will find that our world is full of lots of Dixie’s and Mandy’s. I am so proud to have them as friends.

    Thank you for honoring them in this article and for lifting women up and spreading the love.

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