#Black Boy Joy

The phrase black boy joy became popular in 2016, but after this week’s news concerning the shooting death of Botham Jean…in his own apartment. I thought it neccessary to highlight black boy joy and talk specifically about my babies.

Black boys on average are viewed to be about 4 to 5 years older than their actual age, meaning that what is normal growth and growing pains through child and adolescence is usually viewed through slanted lenses. These “slanted lens” can be deadly.

That’s why it’s important for me as a mother of four boys to share the stories of their joy, because they are normal everyday kids, who just want to live their best lives.

Today’s black boy joy moment is brought to us by Daniel, who is in my humble opine, is a really witty, intelligent and awesome kid. He loves reading and writing, he’s getting interested in photography and coding. He loves all things nature and has a heart the size of Texas.

This week his black boy joy moment came from his exploration at a Farmer’s Market for the first time. Daniel wants to be an entrepreneur and he’s fascinated by business ownership. Both his stepfather and biological dad have businesses as does his grandfather.

The Farmer’s Market also allowed Daniel to try new foods and was a good lesson in proper business etiquette. If you don’t have cash you can purchase wooden coins that can be used at the vendors. I gave him the coins and allowed him to be fully involved in each transaction.

This built up his confidence and taught him the value of a dollar.

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