Working Women’s Network- Ahmazing Paint Parties

I was introduced to Angela, through my best friend Dani. She is on a journey to pursue her passions and recently invested in her styling company and procured  (I like that word LOL) a new logo. I was so impressed with her logo that I too decided to reach out and ask her to revamp the HER by Renee logo. What I found was so much more than just a business transaction. I found another women living out her passions after putting them on hold for a bit. Without further ado let me introduce Angela..


I made the promise to myself and God that I would try to use every ounce of creativity he has blessed me with.
When you were a little girl, what were some of the dreams you had for yourself and how did those dreams evolve over time?
Since I could remember I’ve always loved being creative, when I first figured out that I could really draw was around 3rd grade. From then on that’s all I wanted to do, I dreamed of being an famous artist, or fashion designer, just anything that involved art. As I got older my dreams changed a bit because I didn’t see any successful artist around me so I started to question whether my dreams could really be my reality one day. So I learned how to use my creativity in other areas in hopes one day I could come back to my first love of drawing an become that famous artist. So right now I’m a work in progress and one day I’ll leave my mark as an artist whether it be locally or nationally.
How did the plans for Ahmazing Paint Parties begin and how did it feel to finally open for business?
Well after graduating college I put my love for creating kinda on the back burner. I got caught up in everyday life of just working 8 to 5 to pay the bills. I would still draw/paint occasionally but not as often as I should. It got to the point were a year would go by and I hadn’t created any artwork. Then around 2013/14 I needed the escape that only art could provide. I prayed and asked God for direction on how I could I use this gift he blessed me with. I remember one day  just chilling at my moms, my sister had this idea to do chocolate covered strawberries for my grandmas birthday, and she said “I bet you could draw on these and make them look pretty”. So that’s what I did. So we first started a chocolate covered strawberry business “Ahmazing Edibles” . I think that was God’s way to get me back into creating again.
Then that same year, this girl I went to college with tagged me in a post on facebook for a job at a Art studio coming to Montgomery, were you could instruct painting. So I felt it was another nudge from God, so I applied and got the job! I worked at the studio part time and enjoyed the short time I was there. I use to be terrified of public speaking which I learned wasn’t so bad if your speaking about something you love to do.
Although, I was thankful for the opportunity at the studio I couldn’t help but think how different I would do things; how I could expose more people (especially our culture)  and bring more of an experience. So I talked to my sister’s about it , did some research and we came up with a business plan for  a mobile party experience “we bring the party to you”. I was still hesitate wasn’t sure how receptive people would be to it. My sisters wouldn’t let me change my mind, especially my sister Latoya, we went out bought all painting supplies. We then decide to have our first party in her garage and invited family and friends, we provided food, wine and music. It was a hit, so my aunt wanted to host a paint party for her birthday. We took lots of pictures, posted them on social media to advertised the “paint party experience”. Although we sparked people’s interest it still took almost 2 years to really get to a place where business was really steady. So now almost 5 years later we decided to open our own studio to give people an option to party at their place or ours. It’s an awesome feeling to be a business owner, we get so much support, love and business from all people but especially from our own community.
Once open how do you stay open to changes that occur, i.e when things differ from the business plan and things happen that you didn’t anticipate (good and bad)?
I try to keep an open mind about everything, which helps a lot. You have to just roll with the punches. Things almost never happen the way you have outlined when it comes to business. One thing I’ve learned is you have to be willing to grow and evolve with/in your business to be successful. It’s easy to get frustrated and I’ve had many of those days but if you remember why you started or why your doing it then your frustrations will slowly dissipate.
Who do you consult when you are making a big decision? How do you find peace in the answer that you decide to make?
 My sisters, they are my business partners. I consult them about everything from ideas for paintings to finances. We make decisions collectively, we all sometimes have different ideas, we take all ideas into consideration and make the best decision for the business.
Working with family or friends, for some, can be tricky. How do you separate business from relationships or is that even necessary?
It can be tricky if everyone isn’t on the same page or if your not dealing with like minded people. My sister’s and I have a very close relationship, we were raised to always stick together no matter what. Sure we have disagreements but we never walk away from one another without settling whatever the disagreement was about. I think our close relationship has allowed our business to flourish. We know at the end of the day with or without the business we are still sisters, and that relationship comes first. So, we really don’t separate business from relationship because our  great relationship it what makes the business AHmazing!
What are some other ways that you use your creativity? How does being creative or at least tapping into that from time to time help you in other areas?
I made the promise to myself and God that I would try to use every ounce of creativity he has blessed me with. So I’ve been trying to get back into my graphic design with designing logos, business cards and sites for people. I also have dabbled in creating coloring books per request. I’ve been working on other creative projects as well.My creativity allows me to continue to have an open mind and know there are a million ways things can be done which keeps me from feeling defeated. That helps in everyday life because it allows me to look at things from different angles and perspectives.
How can someone learn more about your business?
Think the biggest thing someone can learn from our business is to be patient, success doesn’t come over night. For a business to excel you have to have a passion for what you are doing, it can’t be all about the money. We pride our self on great customer service, it’s very important to us. We want everyone to have an “AHmazing” experience. We care about people, we try to be as flexible as well as accommodating as possible which has and always will keep repeat customers.
Of course I also had to share the logos she did for myself and my bestie. 

Do you see why I just had to interview her? Our passions never go away. We can make excuses or we can make moves, but we can’t do both. From Angela’s story,  we can see what support can do and also what doors will open following your God-given talent. I really hope you support!

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