Working Women’s Network- April Marie’s Photography

I absolutely adore this interviewee, she is extremely talented, yet humble and gracious. She has such an amazing spirit and a wonderful eye. April is someone who I went to college with, many eons ago, and she has just blossomed since then. She has taken a natural curiosity and turned it into a full-fledged business (and rightly so when you see her photography). She is one of my favorite photographers and has captured some very special moments for my family.

Without further ado, please meet April:

Do you have a life mantra or code? What is it and what inspired this line of thought?

I do. “Be anxious for nothing” and “Breathe”. Anxiety will sometimes get the best of me and then I will take it out on the ones I love and love me the most. I had to nip it in the bud so reading the book Be Anxious For Nothing, a book based off of Philippians 4:6-8 was a saving grace. “Breathe” comes from this song my mother told me she loves to listen to when she needs to “just be” and it’s called Breathe by Jonny Diaz. It’s a great song that always calms me! I just had to learn to slow downnnnnnn. Everything doesn’t need to be done all in the same breath.

Share the story of how you became interested in photography?

I was 14 and my friends at church were snapping photos and telling me how I should stand to take this photo and what needed to be in the background in order for this photo to turn out pristine! haha These 14-year-old girls just knew the business. After my little lesson on posing and picture structure from my peers, I was curious. That curiosity turned into a passion and my creative outlet. I see just about every moment in my life as a still picture. I’m always thinking of some way a photo can be better than my last.

Oh, by the way, I still have those photos from that little lesson just a short 15 years ago! 

April’s first taste of the photographer lifestyle!

What was the turning point of turning this “hobby” into a legitimate business?

My husband. He is my biggest fan and motivator when I need it! Underneath my husband was a lot of the people in my life telling me I could make money taking photos, because they thought my photos were that nice looking. You know when more than one person tells you something, 9 times out of 10 it’s probably a true statement. My business has changed me, but in a good way. So maybe those people were right.

Be Anxious For Nothing

When you book your shoots, what thoughts run through your head?

“Someone wants me to take their photos?…Then… ‘Be anxious for nothing’.” lol

Once I get over that, I go into brain storming. I think about what scene they’re going for, who all is in the family, how I’m going to get them to interact with each other, where I should take them, what lens or lenses I need, do I need to bring Candy (I tend to forget), I mean the list goes onnnnnnn. Depending on the kind of shoot, I will map a plan. So, when people hire me they are paying for a lot more than a picture on a screen.

What have you learned about starting your business that you never even considered before you started?

Stop under valuing yourself! I learned very quickly that I was putting out too much and not getting enough back. I am a people pleaser and I don’t like to see people upset; especially not with me. I was working so hard, and charging so little; which in return was kind of stressing me out, because I was editing all of these photos instead of spending time with my family which is priority.

I also learned about how to run a business, and THAT I would have NEVER thought would be me. I own a business and saying that kind of makes me feel proud of myself.

What are some of your other passions and how are you expressing those?

                                                                         My son ^_^



I can get a bit enthusiastic for all of those topics. I just adore my son, and fitness I express it the most through my body. I take care of it (for the most part) and I love doing crossfit. It’s a love hate relationship, but more love, because it has helped make me a physically and mentally strong female. I say mentally, because you have to be freaking confident to know that you can handle 200lbs over your head haha. (literally has happened)

Stop under valuing yourself!

When someone says April Marie’s Photography, what image do you want them to see or think?

Oh man, this is a great question. I want them to see an image of Happy! When people think of that name I want them to immediately smile. I really do aim for my friend-clients to have their experience be comfortable, fun, care free, and full of love if it is a couple or family that I’m photographing.

In college, what was your major and how has that helped lead you on the path you currently find yourself on?

I have a BA in Justice and Public Safety as well as a Paralegal Certification. I have always worked in the legal field. Currently, my main occupation is working at the Chapter 13 Trustee’s Office. I think my degree did help me, but I also planned it that way. I knew I wanted to work in law.

You’ve been married almost a decade and have a small child, what has being a wife a mother taught you about life?

Man! That it goes by super fast! I honestly love my life, God has blessed me in so many ways, and I never will feel like I deserve any of it. I’m so grateful for being able to be a wife to the most awesome man, and a mother to the cutest and most amazing child ever.

April’s husband Mason

Name just three things that keep you sane (or focused), what are they and how do they keep you centered?

1.Prayer: prayer a day keeps the stress at bay 🙂

2.Affirmations: I repeat certain phrases in the mirror three or more times, and oddly enough it actually works. For example, before I go into work, I will sometimes look in the pull down mirror in my vehicle and repeat “I will focus today, I will focus today, I will focus today”.

3.Working out: It makes me happy. Those endorphins are the truth.

If I do not workout for more than a few days I will turn into this grump. Like, total grump, and my poor husband gets the majority of the grumpiness lol.

Don’t you just looove her? I learned a lot from her especially since my family is also leaping into the entrepreneurial world.

One of my favorite quotes from April is:

…one person tells you something, 9 times out of 10 it’s probably a true statement.

So many times we think those around us are saying things to be “nice” not realizing that maybe God is using them to show you (and by you I mean me too) what your next step to greatness might be.

Please visit her website: https://www.aprilmariesphotography.com/

You will NOT be disappointed!

I also wanted to share some pictures that April has taken of my family.

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