Get Your Mind Right


So, the last four weeks have been crazy. A major shift happened and all of a sudden my family and I were thrust into the world of looking to purchase a home. That sounds like a wonderful journey right? Well, it would have been but my original plan was to begin looking in about 6-9 months, but alas plans change.

The journey has been so emotional and I wish I could say that I was just walking through this being positive, but I have been plagued with so many negative thoughts. It’s messed with my sleep, my appetite …I’ve been a mess.

But today in one of my groups on FB someone posted this beautiful testimony about overcoming her circumstances with pray and thoughts. Her circumstances did not  change immediately, but her thoughts put her on a path to be in the right mindset to change her circumstances.

I am challenging myself to a no negative thoughts allowed for 24 hours. I’ll document that journey over the next few days,


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