Unapologetically Me


You have a super power. That might seem strange, but it’s  100 percent true. You have a special ability to be you. I can’t be you, your kids can’t be you…..you’re you all by yourself.

The problem arises when we fight who we are to become who others think we should be.

My whole life I’ve been belittled or made fun of, because I choose to be positive. I choose to help others before myself. I chose and still choose to work in non profit. Many people don’t get that (that’s totally fine), we need balance in this world. The problem comes in when my views are dismissed and disrespected, because they are different.

Everyone desires to be liked, but honestly we aren’t necessarily put here for people to like us. People who made history, usually were  not popular during  the time they were in the midst of changing the  world. They were ridiculed, dismissed and some…were even murdered.

I’m  a follower of Jesus…who during His time was mocked and questioned all His life. Today many (i know some are still persecuted) of His followers don’t feel that burden or aren’t ashamed to claim Him, but imagine being the first followers.

Imagine  telling people a guy died and was alive three days later and you believe Him to be equal to God. You’d be locked away probably. I  know we will get back to that  line of thinking. I  see it  in the news, I  hear it in classrooms…but that’s not my focus for this blog

My focus is to tell YOU that your dream is important. How you are wired, the things you are passionate about pursue them.

In the face of opposition say, I’ll use my super power to vanquish your challenges, but most importantly to silence my inner thoughts of not being enough.

I Am….enough

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