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So, it is the last month of the year and this is the point where people are pretty optimistic about what next year will bring. Which is pretty awesome, right? It is….IF that is followed with two things 1) action and 2) accountability partners.

It is so nice to dream and want better for your life, many people have those dreams. The problem comes in when you have to pay for those dreams. Every single thing we do has a cost associated with it. It will cost time, energy, money and sometimes even relationships. Not everyone on your team is on your side and that will eventually reveal itself especially when you start to “change”.

It is important to take into account the cost so when things start to happen you are not discouraged or overwhelmed. Make a realistic plan with 3-4 action steps daily to meet those goals. I will highlight some of the areas that I am working on for next year as well and also my action steps to meet those goals. This is why accountability is important, I want to do what I say I will do and I am more likely to do that if I know someone else is reading and following along.

Find one or two people you trust ask them if they will help keep you accountable and ask then about their goals and how you can assist them. It is important that you find someone else who is also trying to make changes; they can give you worthwhile advice, because they have some “skin in the game” as well.

Good Luck!



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