Sabbath Session 3- Homework

Sabbath is a time of rest and reflection. Sabbath sessions will be my chance to review the week, talk about my focus and send you a challenge.

Now that you have identified your soul scream and written your goals the next step….do your homework. I remember being in school and always waiting to the very last minute to do my homework, I just hated doing homework. As I’ve matured I still don’t necessarily like homework, but I realize the purpose of it now.

We must put into practice the things that we learn, because if we don’t the only other time to prove your knowledge is during the test…and do you remember that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you were unprepared for the test. The anxiety that you felt..the same is true in life.

If we don’t properly prepare, even the best of ideas and dreams will become a nightmare, because we don’t know how to manage it properly. It’s like giving a racing car to a child; could they figure out how to turn it on; sure. Could they even figure out how to get onto the track; sure. BUT they will never be successful without actually practicing.

HER Challenge- Find one book on the subject of your dream. If you want to be a life coach, find some books on effective communication. If you want to be a chef, find a book on recipes and try them out on friends and family. Start preparing for your new journey.

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