​Inspiration or Intimidation?

I took a few weeks off from blogging (obviously).

Mostly to revamp and get my mind back
on what is important and what my mission is.
Also,..can I be just a little transparent? 

I got a little intimidated.  I did my first speaking engagement for HER a few weeks back (which I will blog about shortly) and as excited and fulfilling as that was I started to really second guess myself.

I started blogging for a year with no tangible goals (which I constantly say one should not do). 

But I do so because HER started out as an outlet for me to express myself and put positive vibes out there. That morphed into something more and… I freaked a little bit. 
Then I saw two women, who are living my dream job, life-coaches, women empower-ers (is that a word?)….and I was like….what in the world am I doing? Like yes, I have the experience to do that…but my packaging is not quite there. 

If I were to compare it to anything, I’d compare it to designer label coaching and..I am a thrift shopper..Not saying I’m cheap but I think my approach is different because I am not making million dollar deals (yet).

 And I am really hoping to connect and attract women like me. Women who have the dream and the tools…but need the instruction booklet. Who need…a tribe of women to encourage and support them. I’ll talk more about my tribe in my next post, BUT I needed to have a moment of transparency so when life does change, and I believe it will. I can come back to this post and remember…sometimes the best thing to do is to start where you are and not compare your journey to anyone else!

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